Q: What are the KittyCatS?

A: The KittyCatS are an interactive, breedable cat in Second Life.

Q: Is there a limit on how many starter packs I can buy?

A: No.

Q: How many prims are the KittyCatS and their food?

- KittyCatS are 13 prims
- KittyCatS with collars are 14 prims
- KittyCatS Kibble dishes are 2 prims
- KittyCatS Vita-Milk bowls are 1 prim

Q: If I want to breed my KittyCatS, when can they start breeding?

A: Your KittyCatS will be able to breed once they reach 100% Love. KittyCatS will start gaining Love once they become adults at 7 days old.

Q: How long will it take for them to gain their love after becoming adults?

A: Your KittyCatS will take approximately 7 days to build their Love to 100% if they are given Vita-Milk and 10 days without milk.

Q: How long does it take for the KittyCatS to be born from their box?

A: Your new KittyCatS are born 5 minutes from when the box is activated if they are from the starter pack, non starter pack kittens will take 30 minutes.

Q: How many starter KittyCatS will you have?

A: Starter packs can contain 5 different types of KittyCatS called the Genesis KittyCatS.

Q: Will the KittyCatS have hidden traits?

A: Yes they will, every KittyCatS will have one hidden trait and one shown trait.

Q: Will I be able to sell my starter KittyCatS?

A: No, starter KittyCatS are no transfer as they are meant for breeding. Bred KittyCatS are transferable.

Q: Will I be able to choose the breed?

A: No, our starter packs will all include our Genesis KittyCatS. You can either breed for what you want or buy them from those who breed.

Q: Will you have any kind of special cats or rare breeds?

A: Yes. We will have special Fancy Cats, Collections and other interesting cats.

Q: What parents can get Fancy KittyCatS?

A: The Fancy KittyCatS are random.

Q: How long will the KittyCatS breed?

A: They breed for 120 days at which time they retire from breeding and become a pet.

Q: Do I need to box up my cats or kitten boxes before taking them into my inventory?

A: No, you can pick up your KittyCatS and Kitten boxes and take them into your inventory at any time without fear of damaging them. However keep in mind that if you leave your KittyCatS in your inventory for too long, their hunger will raise and they could get sick.

Q: What will make my KittyCatS sick?

A: Going without food for 3 days will cause your KittyCatS to get sick, when it reaches 100% hunger it will go into a very deep sleep.

Q: Do I need to buy something to make it come out of its sleep?

A: No. Your cat will get well after it eats for 7 days or you can use the Healthy Cat vitamins for instant healing.

Q: Will you have different types of food?

A: No, we only have one type of food for the KittyCatS. Pet cats will eat less than cats that breed, and that can be controlled via the menu so you can always choose what you wish.

Q: Will we have to buy things for our cats to breed besides food?

A: No, your KittyCatS will breed just fine on food alone. Our Vita Milk will speed up breeding time by 30%.

Q: I keep hearing about this Perma-Pet thing. What is that?

A: Our Perma-Pet Kit allows you to turn your KittyCatS into a permanent pet that will never have to eat. Once a cat is turned into a Perma-Pet, it won't be able to breed but will retain all other functions and features.

Q: Once my KittyCatS is a perma-pet can I turn it back to a breedable KittyCatS again?

A: No, once you apply the perma-pet it will stay a pet KittyCatS which doesn't eat and doesn't breed.

Q: Is your staff allowed to have and sell KittyCatS?

A: We want to be very transparent on this subject. All of our staff are allowed to keep and sell KittyCatS if they choose on their main avatars just like any other KittyCatS customer! In fact we encourage our staff to keep KittyCatS of their own as we feel it helps them understand our product from the customer's perspective. Our staff will work on company avatars that are strictly for KittyCatS business. Our staff does not receive special privileges in regards to their KittyCatS and are treated no differently than any other customer when it comes to issues or buying, selling, and breeding KittyCatS.

Q: Will my KittyCatS die after a certain time?

A: No, your KittyCatS do not die.

Q: Will you be involved in the secondary market?

A: Not directly. We recognize that the secondary market is a significant feature of breedable products for many of our customers and we can assure you we will do anything we can to help breeders and the market with opportunities for success. We are strong believers in a free market system and will not interfere with it.