KittyCatS is proud to present our first KittyCatS! Collectible Menagerie Cat!

That magical, mysterious place… the Menagerie…. where KittyCatS go to enjoy a life of luxury, enjoyment and fun forever… and now… for the first time, they are coming to YOU!!! They have heard stories of how wonderful you are from the other cats there and have demanded they be able to come live with you!!! The Bengal Tigers are the first who really insisted they come to be with you, so now, you will be able to enjoy them!

They come with one of the 4 possible eyes: Jade, Amber, Lapis and Odyssey Cobalt & Olivine… all inspired by the beautiful rocks that are part of the exotic Menagerie Landscape. You will also notice their cute ears and tail… :)

These cats are only available through your Kitty Dollars earned via the Menagerie, and if you don’t have enough now, you can save up for one :) they plan on staying around for a very very very very long time :)

Your KittyCatS! Team


KittyCatS! Collectible – Le Tigre Fast Facts!

* are the collectible Menagerie Tiger KittyCatS transferable? – yes!
* can I buy more than one? – yes!
* can i sell or trade them? – yes!
* how do I buy them? – Our Menagerie Collectible Tigers are purchased with your Kitty Dollars earned by sending cats and boxes to the Menagerie. This is shown on your account as your “Kitty Dollar Balance”
* how much are they? – You can buy a normal sized one for 10,000 K$ and a teacup or toy for 12,000 K$.
* do they contain special traits? They have a chance to carry special traits which are not available through other starter cats.

Get them at our main store!

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2 Responses to “Presenting our very first KittyCatS! Collectible Menagerie Cat!”

  1. [...] The Tigers have been released!  Let the fun begin.  It is a surety that anyone with a spare box they were holding on to will be kittycashing it in now, in a rush to grab one of these beauties. [...]

  2. Can I buy online a set of the tiger kitty?
    Regards Michelle

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