KittyCatS SL9B Decoration Contest!

Decorate a gift box with a KittyCatS SL9B scene!

The contest will be held at our KittyCatS SL9B, every participant will get 150 prims to decorate their gift box.

Decorating will go on from 11th June till 18th June. Voting will start on the 19th June and will close on the 25th June. Winners will be chosen by a combination of a community vote and a KittyCatS! judging panel. Winners will be announced on the 26th June!

Prizes are:
1st Prize 25.000 K$
2nd Prize 12.500 K$
3rd Prize 7.500 K$
4th Prize 7.500 K$

The first 4 will also be featured at our main store in July!

- One stall per person
- At least one KittyCatS has to be in the scene
- PG content

Note: We invite you to use your creativity and imagination as you set up your little SL9B gift box. Imagine others taking a peek into a scene you create!

If you want to participate in the contest please send a notecard to Equinox Pinion so she can set you up There are limited places avaible so send your application in fast

Your KittyCatS Team

We’ve put out some cute new collars in our main store for your KittyCatS!

In 12 fun colors, engraved with the word “Love” to show your love for your precious kitty!

Get them here!


Presenting the 2012 RFL of SL “Time For A Cure” collectible KittyCatS!


Time is always passing. Cherish every moment you have!

Join Relay For Life of SL & KittyCatS! celebrate “Time for a Cure”

KittyCatS is proud to present the 2012 RFLofSL “Time For A Cure” collectible KittyCatS!

These collection Kitties were inspired by this year’s theme “Time For A Cure”. We’ve created a set of “SteamPunk” cats, which combine the elements of raw metal & life giving water… and the hope for a cure. ALL proceeds from the sale of these unique collectible KittyCatS! goes toward Relay for Life of SL. They will be available until the last day of Relay for Life in July.

The “Time For A Cure” SteamPunk KittyCatS CAN carry the WAVY whisker trait shown on the cats. The “Time For A Cure” KittyCatS also come with unique collectible packaging, some little goggles, and include one week’s worth of food. They are randomly given so you can trade with your friends!

Thank you for helping KittyCatS! celebrate HOPE and support Relay for Life!

Your KittyCatS! Team


RFL – Time for a Cure – SteamPunk KittyCatS Fast Facts!


* are the SteamCatS! KittyCatS transferable? – yes!
* do they come with food? yes!
* do they come with the goggles? – yes!
* can I buy more than one? – yes!
* can i sell or trade them? – yes!
* do they pass on their coats/eyes/tails/ears? -no. They can contain genes for the “wavy whiskers” they show which can be passed on by breeding.


Sponsored by KittyCatS! Expo Fair Entertainment
RFL KittyCatS! Second Location

©2012 KittyCatS! all rights reserved. All names, titles, and text @ KittyCatS! and may not be used without permission.

Presenting KittyCatS! Pedigree V2
A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture is more than a thousand words… and we are happy to add PICTURES to your pedigree page!!! The CaTTery cats were so happy to be “seen” and the pedigree cats were like “hey what about us over here???” So of course, like everything we do, we listened to the little cats and now you can see them THERE too!!! Yes, they are so spoiled! I bet next they will want Lobster Kibble. :)

So now… you can not only read the traits of your cat, but also see them :)

We made the layout simple to combine compactness & readability. Additionally we made the following adjustments to the pedigree overview:

* Names which are truncated can now be seen to the full in a hover tip when you move your mouse over it.
* Cats & Boxes can carry a “CaTTery” tag, meaning they are in the KittyCatS! CaTTery
* You can now see both the offspring you bred and the offspring you own.
* The menagerie tag (and by extension CaTTery tag) is no longer shown if you are not the owner of the cats, because of “sentimental” reasons.

We hope you enjoy this new addition because the cats promised us you would!!!

Thanks for all your continued support, enthsiasm and being such a great community!! Newbie and Old timers, you’re the best.

Your KittyCatS! Team

©2012 KittyCatS! all rights reserved. All names, titles, and text © KittyCatS! and may not be used without permission.

KittyCatS of the Month May 2012

Fur: Bengal – Charcoal
Eyes: Beach Blue (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Frisky
Ears: Boo Boo
Whiskers: White (Shape: Guitar)