What’s the big surprise????????? well here it is!

Your KittyCatS can have a special kitten box between March 17-19. The special KittyCatS will be born randomly…. but what will be special about them????


If your cat carries this new eye trait, it will have a “costume” eye over their real stats, which means if you have a Beach Blue eye born it will still have the Beach Blue eye trait as the first trait, and he special St. Patrick’s eye will be guaranteed as second hidden trait in that KittyCatS. Again, it will SHOW the St. Patrick’s eye on that cat AND will hide it too.

If you get your “dream” KittyCatS and you don’t want to wear it the costume eye OR have the new trait, you will be able to make a support ticket and we will retrieve your KittyCatS without the costume eye. That can be done only once so if you change your mind later we will not be able to bring the costume back.

Everyone has the chance to get one “special” KittyCat with these special eyes that will never be in the starter packs.

We hope you will love these amazing eyes as much as we do and good luck breeding!!

The KittyCatS! Team

We released a cute Lucky Outfit for your KittyCatS….dress them up for St. Patricks Day!! You can get it for a special price in the lobby of our KittyCatS shop.

Your KittyCatS Team

KittyCatS! is proud to be a part of the 2012 Fashion for Life, part of the SL Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Fashion Life is billed as a “shopping event to fight cancer” and KittyCatS! is thrilled to feature the following products to help support the cause:

Fashion for Life runs from March 10 through March 20, 2012 so be sure to visit and help support the American Cancer Society in their fight against cancer. Together we can make a difference! :)

Visit our shop at Fashion for Life HERE


Your KittyCatS! Team :)

What surprises does this St. Patrick’s Day hold for our KittyCatS? Stay tuned… :)

New in our main store – Kitty Couture Denim Vests for your KittyCatS! These cute denim vests come in several denim wash shades, as well as bright colors perfect for spring! Available now in the KittyCatS! Main Store Lobby. :)

Here the stats:

Fur: Chateau Cat – Cocoa & White No. 2
Eyes: Genesis Earth (Shape: Curious Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Frisky
Ears: Boo Boo
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar)
Size: Normal

Good luck breeding :)

Our very own Callie Cline & KittyCatS! are featured as the cover story for the March issue of Best of SL magazine!

Check our past group notices for a copy or check out the magazine online! :)

The March Edition of Breeder Blend Magazine is out, and it features an interview with Kitten Longmeadow, our Head CSR!

To pick up a FREE copy, head to Kitties of Destiny at Alley Cats today! :)