As the creators of the KittyCatS! AND inspired by the “MAGIC OF SL” we’d like to say Happy 8th Birthday Second Life! We are so thrilled to be part of such a wonderful celebration of creativity and enthusiasm! To help mark this momentous occasion, we’ve created a special “Happy Birthday SL” KittyCat that is available for FREE to ALL residents as our Birthday Gift to you!

The cat is a specially created “Magic Birthday Cat” which comes with a week’s worth of special Birthday food, and accessories. Like our other collectible cats, this KittyCat will be available for a limited time, and will be a Genesis cat with a special costume fur. You can get your special SLB8 Happy Birthday “Magic Cat” at our SLB8 display here until July 2, 2011.

Thank you for celebrating Second Life’s 8th Birthday with us! We look forward to many more birthdays to come! Most of all… ENJOY YOUR NEW SPECIAL COLLECTIBLE KITTYCAT! :)

The KittyCatS! Team

We’ve recently expanded our line of KittyCatS Collars to include new designs! These leather collars feature engraved nameplates – Fabulous, Princess, Lil Prince, Signature – and come in four different styles and a variety of colors. Look for them next to our other collar displays already in-store, along with our complimentary collar remover.

This is the first of many new collar ideas we’ve got brewing, and of course we welcome any suggestions you might have for us as well! Visit our forums to leave a suggestion, and thanks for all of your feedback! :)

The KittyCatS Team

Our new Pedigree site is almost ready for release, so in preparation for that we’re making some changes to the way our customers log in to the forums and the support site.

We’re going to integrate all logins to one username and password. This will be used to login to a portal from which you can access the forums, support site, and pedigree site. Your new login will be your SL name.

Prior to this integration we’re giving customers a chance to keep their current forums settings by ensuring that you are registered on the forums under your SL name. Additionally, if you want your support account history to merge into the new login, please make sure you are using the same email for the new registration as you used for the support site.

If you are not registered on the forums or support system under your SL name, and you need to have it changed, you need to let us know by Tuesday, June 15 either via the support system, a reply to this thread, or a message to Equinox Pinion inworld. If you need to change your forums account name to your SL name, be sure to specifiy what your actual SL avatar name is, the email address you used to register, as well as your current forums and support account names.

After Tuesday, June 15 we’ll begin integration of the new system by sending out a prim to everyone to click to register their avatar key/SL name with the new registration system. More information on that will follow at that time.

If you are not registered for either the forums or the support site, a means of registering under the new system will be provided with our next update.

We’re really excited about these changes and hope you are too! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! :)

The KittyCatS Team

NEW Portable KittyCatS Food! Feed your KittyCatS while you shop, dance, build, play, run errands, go to auctions, jog, party, play trivia, roleplay, and so much more! No longer do your KittyCatS have to go hungry while you are away from home cuddling them! :)

Fast Facts

•Only feeds KittyCatS that are attached to you.
•One food bag feeds a breeding KittyCat for 1 week.
•For pet KittyCatS it will last 2 weeks.
•When the food bag is empty it will display a message.
•After feeding on the pet setting it will take 7 days on the breeder setting for them to begin to gain love.

To feed your KittyCatS:

- Wear your Food Bag. It will only feed cats that are attached to you.

- Optionally you can hide or show the bag via the menu. In any case the bag will show up again when you relog or re-attach it.

- You can also click the bag to see how much food remains.

REMARK: The food bags are NOT intended to be used with the KittyCats Automatic Feeder.


Your KittyCatS! Team