Got a favorite kitty that you can’t bear to part with once it reaches the end of its breeding lifespan? Then you don’t want to miss this sale!

For one weekend – June 3-5, 2011 – we’ll have out specially marked Perma-Pet Kits on sale for 50% of the regular price! These special Perma-Pet Kits will be marked down to 900L$ and can only be used on KittyCatS 120 days old or older. So if you have a special KittyCat or two (or three!) that you can’t bear to part with and would like to retire into permanent pet status, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!

Remember these special Perma-Pet Kits will only be on sale at the KittyCatS main store June 3-5, 2011 so don’t miss out!

KittyCatS Main Store

We have 16 UNIQUE RFL KittyCatS on the bid boards at RFL of SL!! You definitely don’t want to miss this! :)

We’ve created special Teacup and Toy versions of the “Seasons of Hope” RFL of SL KittyCatS and will have them available in on special bid boards at RFL of SL through May 22. There will be only one of each on the grid EVER! You can bid on a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Teacup and Toy RFL KittyCatS, one female and male per season.

Remember, the bids will end on May 22nd. Check the times for each board!

Don’t miss your chance to get one of these unique RFL Kittycats! :)

Your KittyCatS Team


When buying or trading a KittyCatS cat, please make sure of the following.

*********the creator is: KittyCats Resident ONLY

Do NOT buy or accept ANY cat without it being created by KittyCats Resident.
This will insure you are getting a real KittyCatS! created item, check the exact spelling.

We have a fabulous community and of course when that happens there can be those who wish to disrupt that by griefing or other things.

We are 100% commmitted to your enjoyment in the KittyCatS! experience and felt this was important information to provide you with so that you can continue to enjoy your KittyCatS.

Thank you for your continued support and being such a great community.

Tha KittyCatS Team


Presenting the 2011 RFLofSL “Seasons of Hope” collectible KittyCatS!


A little hope can go a long way. A little hope can change the world!

Help Relay For Life of SL and KittyCatS! celebrate the Seasons of HOPE!

KittyCatS is proud to present the 2011 RFLofSL “Seasons of Hope” collectible KittyCatS!

Each KittyCat in this collection is themed after the various seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall – and features original artwork inspired by the official 2011 RFLofSL “Seasons of Hope” logo. ALL proceeds from the sale of these unique collectible KittyCatS! goes toward Relay for Life of SL. They will be available until July 17, 2011.

The Seasons of Hope KittyCatS can carry one of the 4 New Eye Colors in the collection as their secondary Eye genes. They also can contain genes for a new breed/coat of KittyCatS that can only be discovered through breeding. These new traits can be passed on to their offspring. The new traits are not in our normal starter packs till 18th July after the final Relay for Life event.. The Seasons of Hope KittyCatS also come with their own matching special collars and include two week’s worth of food AND an exclusive set of specially designed texture change furniture from [ba] barnesworth anubis (which makes them a wonderful gift!) They are randomly given so you can trade with your friends!

Thank you for helping KittyCatS! celebrate HOPE and support Relay for Life!

Your KittyCatS! Team


Seasons of Hope KittyCatS Fast Facts!


* are the Seasons of Hope KittyCatS transferable? – yes!
* do they come with food? yes!
* do they come with the collars? – yes!
* can I buy more than one? – yes!
* can i sell or trade them? – yes!
* do they pass on their coats/eyes/tails/ears? -they can carry the genes of the 4 new eye colors. They also can contain genes for a new breed/coat of KittyCatS that can only be discovered through breeding.


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Got a collar on a kitty that you want to remove, and you don’t want to replace it with a new one? We’ve placed a FREE collar remover in our main store beside the collar displays in the green and purple rooms! You can use this to remove a collar from your cat, without having to replace the collar with a new one. Stop by and grab one today!

Your KittyCatS Team