You asked for them, and they’re finally here! Merchant Packs featuring a variety of KittyCatS merchant signs are available FREE in the KittyCatS main store!

Look for the brown KittyCatS bag on the left, just inside the main store entrance (it says “Merchant Pack” on it!) Wear your KittyCatS Addicts group tag and click the bag to get your own bag of mod/copy merchant signs!

Enjoy! :)

That’s right! You can now purchase most of our products in-store using your Kitty Dollars (K$)! Collars, perma-pet kits, the KittyCatS HUD, food, supplements, the food server, and KittyCatS starter packs are all purchasable with Kitty Dollars!

To use your Kitty Dollars, right click the vendor and select “K$” from the menu. You’ll get a popup showing you how many Kitty Dollars you have and asking you to confirm that you want to use Kitty Dollars for your purchase. It’s that easy!

In the future we will have exclusive items available only with Kitty Dollars. You can check your “KittyCash” balance on the menu at anytime by clicking on your cat and then clicking “Menagerie”. The exchange rate for the K$ to the L$ is 2.5 :1, which means 2.5 K$ are 1 L$.

Presenting  ”Lazy Dayzies”….  a Limited Edition Spring Collection from KittyCatS!
with lovely matching garden gazebos by barnesworth anubis
Lazy Dayzies - KittyCatS! Spring 2011 Collection

Lazy Dayzies… a perfect way to spend your day…

Jump into Spring Days with the Lazy Dayzies!  Beautiful collectible KittyCatS adorned  with the freshest Gerbera Daisies. Each KittyCat in this collection is themed after special days… sunny, happy, poetic & dreamy… what type of days are your favorite?

The Dayzies are GUARANTEED to carry one of the 4 New Eye Colors in the collection AND the Porcelain Shade as their secondary Eye & Shade genes. These new traits can be passed on to their offspring. The new traits are not in our normal starter packs and may never be. The Lazy Dayzies also come with their own matching special collars and are elegantly packaged in  Porcelain Eggs. They are randomly given so you can trade with your friends! They include a week’s worth of food which makes them a wonderful gift.
Store Vendor for Lazy Dayzies KittyCatS!

We hope these little KittyCatS! fill your gardens and homes with much Joy and Life in this season of celebration!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!
The KittyCatS! Team
Lazy Dayzies Fast Facts!

*  are the Lazy Dayzies transferable? – yes!
*  do they come with food? yes!
*  do they come with the collars? – yes!
*  can I buy more than one?  - yes!
*  can i sell or trade them?  - yes!
*  do they pass on their coats/eyes/tails/ears? -they carry the genes of the 4 new eye colors
and the new Porcelain shade and those genes can pass.

©2011 KittyCatS! all rights reserved.  All names, titles, and text @ KittyCatS! and may not be used without permission.

KittyCatS! Update V1.05

Hello KittyCatS! Owners!

First of all, we’d like to say “thank you” once again for your input, support and on going contributions to our growing community! You make KittyCatS! a lot of fun!

It’s update time again! This will be an update with a few surprises that we hope you will enjoy and of course it will be easy and fun! If this is your first time doing an update with KittyCatS! the process is very simple. Yes, you heard right, VERY simple. (At the bottom of this note are the simple steps on how to update)

Now, here are the highlights, additions, changes and fixes included in this update. Yes we said “HIGHLIGHTS!”


Introducing: The Menagerie and our own currency: The Kitty Dollars (K$) !!

The Menagerie is a place where KittyCatS! live and play in bliss forever. When you send a KittyCat (or kitten box) to The Menagerie, you will get in return “Kitty Dollars” (K$) that can be spent at the KittyCatS! store. Each KittyCatS sent in will reward you with K$50, or 50 Kitty Dollars. The age, type or health of cat does not matter, and yes, this means you can send in sick cats as well. The ability to use your Kitty Dollars will be available next week when all our vendors are updated so you can pay with your “KittyCash” or Lindens. In the future we will have exclusive items available only with Kitty Dollars. You can check your “KittyCash” balance on the menu at anytime by clicking on your cat and then clicking “Menagerie”. Exchange rate for the K$ to the L$ is 2.5 :1, which means 2,5 K$ are 1 L$.

Introducing: “Let’s Play!”

A new interaction where you and your KittyCatS can play! Your KittyCatS will run and play with a ball you throw, then bring it back to you! Loads of fun! (*note: the throw animation was made by IsabellaGrace Baroque of Olive Juice)

Introducing: TeaCups & Toys:

Teacup & Toy KittyCatS will be our counterpart for RL Teacup & Toy cats. These are miniature cats, even when they are full grown! The chances on birthing a TeaCup or Toy KittyCat are entirely random. All current KittyCats can give birth to TeaCups or Toys, so no need to buy new starter cats. TeaCups are the smallest and Toys are a bit bigger, but not as big as normal cats. For some pictures & Info about RL Teacups & toys, check:
& (toys are mentioned only briefly, but its a common expression in the breeding world.)


  • Talk button: turn On/Off your KittyCat’s ability to say things about your shoes & how wonderful you smell…
  • Tool to remove collars available in the store next week at no cost. This means your boy cat wont be saying in the future, ‘Why did you put this girly collar on me?” 0h, hmm if it did, you could always turn of its ability to talk.
  • Boxes broadcast their information to a channel one time when born. This should allow the development of 3rd party tools that detect new boxes. (information can be requested from KittyCats Resident)
  • For KittyCatS HUD owners: Position is now shown in the info output when you click the stats part of the HUD. This is an easy way to teleport to your kitten. (note: fully updated KittyCatS HUD which reflects the new options will be sent out next week to HUD owners.)


  • Character Limit for names is now 50. Existing names longer than 50 characters will be kept.


  • Perma-Pets™ will sleep now (oops…)
  • Boxes that are transferred to someone else can now be renamed.
  • Cats will set a new home position when “dropped” on a different sim if they were attached.
  • Appearance for cats which had been sick more than one time is now correct when they are healed or made into Perma-Pets™.
  • Sides of collars fixed.

That sums up our second update! Again, thank you for your continued support, feedback and enthusiasm! Enjoy!

The KittyCatS! Team.
In the coming 24 hours your cats will start to show an “UPDATE ME” tag.
As soon as they do, the UPDATE button will be available in your cats menu to obtain an updater.
As of that point, you have 2 weeks to update your cats.
Make sure you have about 30 prims available when you run the updater.

EASY AS 1,2,3 updating steps:

1. Click the “UPDATE” button in the menu of your cat and it will give you an updater.
2. Rez the Updater
3. Click the “can of Update” and watch it as it updates all your cats and boxes!

No need to move cats, re rez them, group them, travel to sandboxes, pull your hair, or anything! It’s REALLY that easy. :) yay!
All settings for your cat will be kept, including the group. Only if you had a cat or box for sale, you will have to put them for sale again…

©2011 KittyCatS!. All rights reserved. All information contained in this notecard is © KittyCatS! and may not be used without permission.

We are proud to announce the addition of KittyCatS! jewelry and our first release of Collars for your KittyCatS!
They come in a wide array of colors and styles that will really enhance the look of your KittyCat.

And… because your KittyCatS! love you so much, they wanted us to add a special “gift” inside each box for YOU!
You will find in each box, a special matching bracelet (left and right applications) and your own “collar” so you can match your KittyCat when you hold them!

It’s time for our weekly blogger round-up! We’ve been searching the feeds, looking for all of the KittyCatS news we can find across the blogosphere and boy did we find a lot! Remember, if you have a blog and write about KittyCatS, let us know! :)

Meerkat Messerchmitt – Wastelands Kitten Lab. (This made us smile. You’re welcome Meerkat!)

WTF Breedables? – Hope and Courage

WTF Breedables? – And Whiskers on Kittens

Emerald’s Eyes

Retail Therapy With Shay


SL Style Directory

We Make Stuff (I’m not sure what to make of the ending to the video, but one thing’s for sure – Veronica is one crazy cat lady!)

Owly Indigo Birds SL

En Pointe

Coffeesmoke: Project FUR Japan

Coffeesmoke: KittyCatS at Project FUR

Sky Dancer

It’s Only Fashion

Iron Martinek

Sacred Fashion

Playing Paper Dolls: Pose Fair 2011 (I love that Giela used our sim!)

Playing Paper Dolls: KittyCatS at Project FUR Japan

Style Wise

Noob Muncher!

Delusional Grantham

Presenting “The Kibo Neko – Hope Cat” &
“The Yuki Neko – Courage Cat” from KittyCatS
to support the Japanese people in 2 ways.

The Kibo Neko “hope” will be available for purchase at the Project Fur Japan sim and is sold as a single cat with a random gender. Project Fur is raising money to help save the lost and hurt animals of the Japanese people, providing the animals with care and the people with great comfort knowing their pets are being taken care of. The Kibo Neko will go on sale at 9pm SLT on April 2, 2011 at Project FUR Japan.

Direct TP to Project FUR Japan vendors

The Yuki Neko “courage” will be available for purchase on the KittyCatS! sim and is sold as a single cat with a random gender. The proceeds will go towards charity for the Japanese People. Full disclosure will be provided when the money is given. The Yuki Neko will go on sale at 9pm SLT on April 2, 2011 at the KittyCatS! Main Store.

Direct TP to KittyCatS! Main Store

The Special Cats feature two coat styles, “Hope” and “Courage”, special eyes, and special collars. They also feature a never before shown “shade”, Porcelain. Each cat comes with Kitty Kibble for one week.

We are honored to take part in this and thank you for your support in this outreach.

The KittyCatS! Team

Kibo & Yuki Neko Fast Facts!

  • how long will the Kibo & Yuki Neko cats be available? – both cats will be available for at least one (1) month
  • are the special cats transferable? – yes!
  • do they come with the collars? – yes!
  • can I buy more than one? – yes!
  • can I sell or trade them? – yes!
  • do they pass on their coats/eyes/tails/ears? – the Yuki & Kibo KittyCatS traits not pass on. They are a specially designed collectible cat with random Genesis KittyCat traits which have the potential to pass their hidden traits like any other Genesis KittyCat.

Enjoy and thank you for your support in this cause to aid our brothers and sisters in Japan.

The KittyCatS! Team

©2011 KittyCatS! all rights reserved.